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Corporate Workshops

Corporate workshops are a perfect way to support your employee's health and wellbeing by offering them that little bit of extra education on well-being tips that they can apply in their everyday lives. 

Even if a retreat may be on their own wish list, many of your employees will not be able to attend or travel to one due to their family and/or work commitments. Our workshops are a perfect alternative where they can learn and experience the techniques they would learn about at a retreat in their workplace!

My workshops can be booked as one off or as a series. See my standard offering below and use the contact form to get in touch to book yours!

The Post-Iso Life

Let's take a step back and take time to re-evaluate all that the COVD-19 isolation has meant to us on a personal level before we jump back into the 'normal life'.


Applying gratitude, awareness and self-study on what we have experienced and felt during this time can help us to move forward in the right direction.

The 'normal' is gone and it is up to us to create the 'new normal'.  One that is better for our health, mind, the people around us and the world.

Relieving Stress & Anxiety

Our constant strive to achieve work/life balance can become very overwhelming sometimes. Longterm it can lead to chronic stress, anxiety, panic attacks and burnout. 


An introduction to simple techniques on managing stress and lowering cortisol levels. 


+ optional 30 mins Yoga and/or Meditation session focusing on easing off stress and anxiety. 

Overcoming Loneliness

Loneliness and feeling like we are not good enough is a modern world malady. We have never been more connected and yet more disconnected at the same time. 


An introduction on causes of feeling isolated and not being good enough with techniques on overcoming these feelings.


+ optional 30 mins heart opening Yoga/Meditation session focusing on releasing sense of loneliness. 

Detox & Digestion

The state of our gut health and overall metabolism significantly affects our performance, mood, feelings.


An introduction to simple digestion improving detoxifying techniques that can be practiced every day. 

+ 30 mins Yoga session with asanas specifically targeted on detox and digestion. 

Discovering Chakras

Chakras are energetic centres that run along our spine. Having all chakras open leads to a more balanced life.


They affect our sense of completeness, purpose, our self-esteem and creativity, ability to feel joy and compassion an to be able to express ourselves as well as our intuition. 


An introduction into understanding chakras and how we can work with them in every day life. 


+ optional 30 mins Yoga and/or Meditation session focusing on opening up chakras. 


Daily gratitude practice has incredible healing powers for our soul and it can be practiced anywhere at any time. 

It can help us to realise the meaningfulness of our circumstances and people in our lives. 

An introduction in how we can practice gratitude to increase our sensation of appreciation of all things in our lives. 

Looking for something different? Let us know!

I am able to tailor make our workshops for your specific needs.


Contact me to discuss how we could work together on a workshop applicable to your work environment and employees.


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