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Michaela's  Story

Yoga is a journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self.

My relationship with yoga started back in 2013 when I first discovered it through qualifying as a Les Mills Body Balance instructor in the UK.

With my background in dance my initial attraction to yoga drew from the beauty and fluidity of the movements and poses. Les Mills' beautifully choreographed Body Balance was the perfect entry point into the world of Yoga.

While working a personal trainer, a fitness instructor and a bodybuilder I truly started appreciating the benefits of making yoga poses a vital part of both my own and my client's training sessions.   

After moving to Sydney, Australia I craved a career change and so I embarked on a career in media leaving fitness as a hobby, a means of self care.

The world of working for small entrepreneurial advertising agencies was thrilling, exciting and very fast paced. Everything that I loved. It truly ignited my career driven spirit and inspired me to dive into personal development workshops on top of my everyday job. In 2018 I even attended Tony Robins' UPW.

Inspired by the people I was working with at the time and driven by my own ambitions, I was waking up extra early to make a head start on my days before going to the office, studying in evenings, attending weekend work-related workshops. 

At the same time I was maintaining my regular bodybuilding-style workouts 4-5 times per week. Being an adventure loving active person by nature, I always found time to go discovering new places and spend time with my partner and friends. The invitations to boat parties, brunches and media events were just a sweet cherry on top. Life seemed like it couldn't get any better. 


But beneath all that my health was slowly taking it's toll and with my personal life eventually hanging by a thread I started noticing that my body was waving a big red flag at me.

I couldn't achieve a full night's sleep with my mind constantly rushing. For the first time in my life I was experiencing anxiety, feelings of depression and subsequently a couple of panic attacks along with many underlying health issues that the doctors were unable to diagnose. I was unable to drop that extra weight I put on for the first time in my life no matter what I tried. My doctor's solutions were hormonal treatments and anti-depressants all of which I wanted to avoid at all costs. 

Right at this point my sister Monika introduced me to Boho Beautiful and that's where my slow road to recovery began. I dropped the vigorous gym workouts and replaced them with yoga/pilates fusion workouts instead. I started learning how to meditate. It felt like a daily therapy and my body slowly started responding by miraculously dropping the extra inches around her waist. My health issues started to disappear. My anxiety eased off and my mood and mindset started to improve.

Through my own practice I developed a true appreciation for the benefits of yoga and meditation and I started feeling a desire to share this with others.

Being very aware of the toll the corporate life and modern life in general takes on many of us, my desire is to share her story and experience with others. I wish to help my clients and students bring awareness and balance to their body, mind and spirit. I wish to enable my clients to keep working on their dream careers and lives with more self-awareness so that they don't need to hit the wall I did.


Having completed a 200hr YTT Vinyasa Yoga Certification at My Vinyasa Practice I started offering private, corporate and studio yoga classes around Sydney sharing my passion for changing how we interact with life and living in the moment.     

I love to personalise my private yoga sessions to my client's specific needs. Apart from asanas, my sessions can also incorporate some pilates and calisthenics to round out the fitness routine in order to build functional strength, a healthy range of motion and to support injury prevention.

In my classes you can expect to move along with beautiful music in the background that takes you away into a different place. I also loves to develop my routines around opening up energetic fields (chakras) and detoxification. 


Personally I enjoys a little bit of everything depending on my mood and what my body is asking for. From dance-like Vinyasa flows, generous holds and dynamic moves to build strength, stability and grit to slow meditative Yin Yoga. My favourite way to meditate is Yoga Nidra. 

Between my directional cues I always weave in space for individual exploration and insight into how to create a balanced and intentional life that can be translated outside of the yoga class setting.



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