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My Mission

Changing How We Interact With Life

Many of us struggle with negative thinking, behaviours, or emotions that we can’t seem to stop repeating. It is a result of the addictive culture that we live in. Our go-to solutions for coping with feelings of disconnection, loneliness, unworthiness and hopelessness have become incessant scrolling, overspending, issue avoidance, and using anything we can to "fix" the way we feel. 


We live in a world where our values allow us to gradually kill the planet, kill the animals, use too much plastic, etc. All for the sake of profit. In 2020 we have come to a crossroad highlighting this to us more than ever before. We now need to build a new culture for ourselves and we can only do this by collectively acknowledging the culture we’ve been in and making a shift in the way we treat all being, all planet, all animals.  


At UM YOGA my mission is to help you to change the way you interact with life. So that you can live a full, authentic, balanced life. While we cannot single handedly change the world, I believe in the ripple effect. My desire is to be the advocate of the shift that needs to happen. The tools I use for this are coming from the ancient yoga philosophies, principles and practices.


While yoga classes are at the core of what I do, I strive to educate general public on how much more there is to ‘yogic lifestyle’ and how it could benefit you personally or to your work environment. I do this through my educational Corporate Workshops on different topics, during my private sessions but also through subtle guiding cues in my yoga classes. 


Yoga teaches us moral values, personal growth values, the importance of connecting with and understanding our bodies through physical movement and breath. It teaches us how to respond rather than to react.  

Yoga practice allows us to disconnect from our everyday lives. For the 30-90 mins we spend on our mats we we aim to reconnect with our body and leave any worries, thoughts, feelings or emotions behind. Yoga teaches us to sit with anything that occurs, observe it and let it go. Oftentimes it challenges us to hold a pose and breathe through discomfort. And while this certainly builds our physical strength or improves our flexibility, it also teaches us how to use the power of our mind to respond rather than react and how to live in the moment. Ultimately, with consistency, it teaches us a better way how to interact with life. 


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