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How to deal with fear & anxiety

Our minds are often programmed by fear, doubt, worry, not enoughness, lack, and limitation. Learn to reframe and reprogram the mind so that possibility, potential, energy, best-case scenarios become your driving force in life.

As I am sitting here thinking about what my first UM YOGA blog should be about I cannot help but to think back and reflect on the past six months and drove me to where I am now and to starting this venture. 2020 has certainly turned out very differently from what I was expecting on New Year’s Eve when I was celebrating entering a new decade with my family back in the Czech Republic. 

Having been isolated in Sydney, far far away from my family and the majority of my friends back in Europe, for an uncertain period of time while facing other challenges in my personal life at the same time, it’s been a big journey of self growth that I’ve learnt to appreciate and be grateful for.

COVID-19 has changed our lives for good and we’ve all had to face our own version of worry, fear and anxiety. The uncertainty is still far from being over for many of us, which is why I am hoping you will find the below insights on how to understand and deal with worry, fear and anxiety useful. 

I would like to dedicate this blog to the, for me, almost life changing mediation by Michael B. Beckwith on fear and anxiety here

Personally I have been battling with anxiety for more than just the past six months, but I only managed to overcome it when I finally understood that ‘worry is emotionally praying for what you don’t want to happen’ (Michael B Beckwith). 

'Worry is emotionally praying for what you don’t want to happen.’ (Michael B. Beckwith)

Oftentimes we talk about the power of our minds. We are told that we can achieve anything we want if we put our minds to it. I wholeheartedly believe this is true, but consider this - what if all you ever think about is what you’re worried about, what you wish it wouldn’t happen, the worst-case scenarios? You’re actually becoming the creators of your worst-case scenarios! The power of our focused mind is truly incredible, I've experienced it myself numerous times, but when used in reverse it can also be incredibly damaging for us. 

What we need to do is to learn to recognise fear, to recognise when our mind is focusing on a worst-case scenario, and turn it around. Consciously switch to the best-case scenario in that particular situation. And we need to do this every time a worry pops up in our mind. We need to train our minds for it to be the automatic response to worry and fear.

We don’t want to be subconsciously praying for what we don’t want to happen, we want to be praying for what we DO want to happen so that through the power of our mind we actually make it into a reality.  

We don’t want to be subconsciously praying for what we don’t want to happen, we want to be praying for what we DO want to happen.

In yoga our goal is to achieve a focused mind through asana, meditation and self-study practice, so that any time we face life challenges, we can respond rather than react to them.

Fear will always come up in our lives and if we simply react to it we are likely to allow it to shut us down into inertia. But we do have the power to train ourselves to use it as a positive driving force by learning to recognise it and responding to it by turning it into the best-case scenario. So that fear becomes excitement, excitement becomes enthusiasm and enthusiasm becomes our driving force towards achieving our goals, dreams and overcoming challenging situations.   

I dare you to try and change your perception of life’s challenges in this way. It has been truly life changing for me. I know my life will always come up with road blocks and challenges, it’s always been that way and always will be that way. I am ok with that because without them I cannot grow, become stronger and more resilient. But I now have this tool to deal with them and use them to empower me rather than stop me.

I hope you will find it just as life changing yourselves. 

Michaela x

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