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Private Yoga Sessions

Let's Change How You Interact With Life

I believe that every single one of us is unique and different in so many beautiful ways. Everyone has their own challenges in life. Everyone has their own dreams, desires and goals. And everyone has their own preferences to how they like to workout and keep healthy. 

Many of us struggle with health issues or injuries, with negative thinking, behaviours, or emotions that we can’t seem to stop repeating, with finding balance in our busy lives. We spend a lot of time sitting which often leads to mobility issues and to injuries paralysing us from our ability to live a full life. 

More research comes out each year on the health benefits of yoga. There’s science behind how the practice improves flexibility, protects your spine and builds muscle strength, but also how it regulates adrenal glands, helps with sleep, boosts immune system and increases self esteem, inner strength and gives peace of mind.

For me, it's important to truly understand the unique situation you are in and work with you on a bespoke plan specific to you.

Private sessions allow space for the physical, mental and emotional needs of an individual to be met. Private sessions can be used to work through injuries or as a place of solitude for individuals who are looking for a more personalised practice.

Far from being just an asana based exercise, yoga is an overall philosophy for living a full authentic life filled with joy. While our sessions will be mainly mat based, they will also include conversations about simple everyday practices that can change how you interact with your everyday life. We will focus on reconnecting with your body, breath and spirit which will help you to live in the moment rather than constantly worry about the future or the past.

A private session can include:

The study of asana is not about mastering posture. It's about using posture to understand and transform yourself. - B.K.S. Iyengar

Many people worry about not doing yoga practice quite right. That's ok! Coming to your yoga mat is not about doing the asanas exactly 'right'. It is about practice, it is a journey where you are tapping into a deep sense of awareness, you are learning about your body, mind and breath while experiencing the movement.


Prior to starting private sessions we’ll have a FREE 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your goals and create a plan based on your prior experience and needs.

Private yoga sessions are available for individuals, partners but also for groups. Private yoga sessions can be run at the comfort of your home or outdoors. Meditation sessions can be run in person or online via zoom call.

At our initial consultation we will discuss potential yoga equipment requirements. We can provide basic yoga props for up to two individuals where needed.


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