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Yoga Fusion

Yoga Fusion is our version of a 'yoga workout'. The class would usually be using asanas as well as pilates and calisthenics. In a private session environment it would be tailor made to our client's fitness level and progressively developed in order to help them achieve their goals. In a class environment it would be a challenging workout where we work on building overall strength as well as cardio fitness. Expect to sweat! 

Yoga Fusion form a vital part of our offering because we believe every single one of us is unique and different in so many ways and everyone has their own preferences to how they like to workout and what goals they’re trying to achieve. Yoga Fusion can replace a gym based workout in the comfort of our client's home, in a park or in corporate environment.

In a Yoga fusion class you can expect to do traditional yoga asanas in a more dynamic way as well as exercises such as mountain climbers, jumping jacks, burpees, front and back lunge, bicycle crunches, etc. 


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